Newspaper/Magazine Review of my Leon site

It's Worth Viewing: * * * *

Speciality: From a professional point of view to look at this page, this girl's design of the page is really great. At least she has made use of computer designs to create some cute things. For example, the front page, uses LEON's picture and is keyed into the 'Windows' frame, called "Leon Windows". Because the creator of this page has grown up in USA and doesn't know Chinese very well, she has specially taken Leon's songs and translated it from Chinese to English so that all the Leon fans that do not know Chinese will know what in the world the songs mean and what Leon is singing. Also she has included some photos of Leon when he came to USA for concert, for the viewing pleasure of others.

Design: Maybe this girl is studying design, so that is why the overall homepage design is very pleasant to the eye.
**note from Janice** ..hehe..I study business, not design. =P They would know that if they visited my homepage. =P

*Thanks to Jessie Sun for helping me translate the article! *^_^*

From a Chinese newspaper in Malaysia (Thanks to Siow Sen for sending me the article!)

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