Accumulating All My Love
(Dui Jik Ching Gam)
Album: Accumulating All My Love
Track: 1

Translated by Jessie Sun

I use all my time to accumulate the thoughts of you
only because you have told me, you love me.
Do not let time wash away our true feelings,
although we are separated far away in two places.
*No matter how hard it should rain, no matter how hard the wind blows,
I will still be here
waiting for you to tell me, thinking of you.
Although you are afar in your own homeland and have
your own ideals to pursue,
I will use all my love to long for your return.
#Accumulating all my love and affection,
even the stars of the night sky will drift over to you.
Waiting with devotion is without ill-will.
You will be my only love.

Repeat * #

Created by Janice Lo