After Loving You
(you need a Korean encoder to see the Korean characters)
Albums: Korean CD soundtrack or After Loving You
Track: 2
Translated by So-youn

* 여러번 널 단념하려 했어
     Many times I tried to give you up

     내 하루는 온통 너뿐이지만
     But my day is full of you

     누군갈 혼자 사랑해봤던 사람은 내맘 다 알꺼야.
      Everyone who had ever loved someone alone would know how I  feel.

# 오늘일지 내일일지 모를 이별 앞에 난 서있는 것 같아.
      I feel like I'm standing in front of our department which  could be today or tomorrow.

      함께라고 느끼는 순간도
      Even though we are together,

      니 맘을 가질 수 없잖아.
       I can't own your heart.

       Repeat * #

      듣고싶어 너를 기다려 달란말
       I want to hear the words "wait for me"

       조금씩 내게 마음을 열어
       and please open your heart to me a little bit.

      지금 나의 슬픔 괜찮아 내가 너의 마지막 사랑이라면
       The sorrow that I feel right  now is all fine, if I am to be your last love.

Created by Janice Lo
June 1999