Autumnal Dawn
(Sam Chau Dik Lai Ming)
Album: Autumnal Dawn
Track: 1

Translated by Jessie Sun

The moonlit sky turns dim
in this autumnal dawn.
Your hands are still warm.
Leaving this great season,
it is among the wind that carries a breeze of cool feelings
so we know how much more our hearts can be closer.
The night's mist slowly diminishes
in this autumnal dawn.
I cannot take my eyes off you.
The love I have for you resembles breathing,
the feeling which is so natural,
using all my heart and soul to allow love to continue.

* This distinct autumnal dawn,
never-ending awareness in the heart.
Going far away, I watch the sky slowly brighten up.
This distinct autumnal dawn,
you do not have to be afraid of loneliness.
My love and affection will cross the sky, the ocean
and will embrace you.

Repeat * *

The cold rain gradually falls down
in this autumnal dawn.
Your shadow seems so much alone.
The red leaves of autumn resemble the burning of fire
which cannot be compared to my heart.
My love for you will never burn to an end.

Created by Janice Lo