I Was Born in Beijing
(ngoh loi ji bak ging)
Album: Hope We're Not Just Friends
Track: 2

Translated by Jessie Sun

Why do I feel annoyed again?
Once again I am along the streets and the direction is still unclear.
It resembles the continuous rain in this world,
And my thoughts are accumulated as high as the mountain.

* Why are my expressions not understood?
By speaking too clearly it seems to lose meaning,
hoping you will make a promise to me today
about feelings.
There are some rules I still don't understand.

# I, I, I, was born in Beijing.
I do not know who has destined this life to me
I, I, I, was born in Beijing.
When expressing love, does not have to be too clear.
I, I, I was born in Beijing.
being romantic, passionate, stubborn.
I, I, I was born in Beijing.
I cannot tell all my life stories in one night.

In my mind, why does it feel like a spirit is there?
Each night it only allows me to think of dawn.
Why does it feel like I am not being loved.
Even if love exists or not, it feels the same.

Repeat * #

In the long road,
in the future there will be many meetings and departing.
Being able to meet you,
it feels like it is fate.
Actually I am longing to stop,
But have still not made a decision.

Repeat # #

Created by Janice Lo
August, 1998