Be My Girl

Album: Leon Now
Track: 5
Translated by Jessie Sun

Have too many emotions,
just want you to love me.
There is not enough time,
don't want to miss this chance.
You won't hug me,
at least understand me,
allow me to hear
that you love me.

* Too many problems
that have been let out.
I just want you to kiss me.
You ignore me.
You love me in the way
that resembles a lighter without fire.
How will things work out this way?
One completely busy day is like a whole century.
In times of sadness, I only think of you
and have to withstand the feeling of not being understood.
But I believe this world still has you.

Come on and be my girl.
Come on and see my world.
Let me turn the lights on
and be able to see you there.
Then I will have found everything wonderful.

Come on and be my girl.
Come on and see my world.
Even if the world outside
gives me disappointment,
I just need to borrow your shoulder
and will be fine. *

Repeat *

Created by Janice Lo
July 2001