Blue Street Light
(Laam Sik Gaai Dang)
Album: Love Between Sky & Earth
Track: 3

Translated by Jessie Sun

Who would allow loneliness to drift by without a word.
The time is stealing away our patience.
If people leave
at that moment, there is too much words of hatred.
If chasing regret,
it will feel really silly to us deep down in the heart.

* The blue street light slowly disappears.
Can all our tears be pushed aside?
Leaving and meeting up again,
many times we were together and then apart.
We cannot face all that we lost.
The blue street light still shines in our eyes.
In the night it catches my attention.
The love goes away which resembles how cars pass by.
Even the streetlight smiles bitterly
to hide away my broken heart.
After we meet we separate again
and get used to being apart again.
The love goes away which resembles how cars pass by,
taking all the sorrow and wiping it away,
that resembles the love that cannot be retrieved.

# The blue street light
cannot show all my pain.
Roaming among the breeze,
singing this song over and over again.
The blue street light,
the road is slowly becoming deserted.
Tomorrow will you,
when broken hearted,
miss me, long for me?

Repeat * # #

Created by Janice Lo
July 2, 1997