Can't Take My Eyes Off U
Album: Leon Beijing Station
Track: 2
Translated by Jessie Sun

# You use the colour of your eyes to get my attention.
I use my eyes to film your movements.
I can see through you
when shaking your hand.
You also think that you are beautiful
and purposely release a scent of mint.
It absorbs everything around.
There's no need for any kind of machinery. #

* I love you baby, I hope you are comfortable with that.
I need you baby, when you were born,
you already had everything and your name is called Beautiful.
Oh pretty baby, you've captured everything of me.
Oh pretty baby, you're difficult to replace.
Oh let me love you baby, let me love you *

What you have I admire.
Let me see it.
Love has filled your world.
It is even more visible than that of glass.
Every night you are fulfilled
and love to eat beautiful red beans.
Whatever you like, you won't let go of.
Whatever you don't like, it is released like a puppet.

Repeat  * #

Created by Janice Lo
August 2000