Will You Come Tonight?
(Gam Ye Nei Wooi Bat Wooi Loi)
Album: Personal Feeling
Track: 3

Translated by Jessie Sun

Perhaps in the haste of life I have to meet with you.
We met unknowingly among the crowds of people.
Even though I know that one day, you might give up on me and leave,
but still I want to continuously love you,
to make up for how far our hearts have drifted apart.

*Each night I am used to kissing you before I sleep.
Each word we said in the past is still deeply in my heart.
Now I am saying my good-byes to you, as I watch you leave and disappear
into the crowds of people.
Do you know how bad I feel because of you?
Love cannot be fully explained.
In having loved you, I will always feel gratitude in my heart towards you
and hoping that love can be retrieved,
longing to once again be with you and keep our promises, chasing them together!

#Will you come tonight? Does your love for me still exist?
If I really have to loose you, who wants there to be a future?
Who would be willing to give up and leave?
Will you come tonight? Does your love for me still exist?
I just want you to be with me through the future,
to stay with me, be in love with me.

Repeat * # #

Created by Janice Lo