My Dearest Love
(Ngoh Dik Chan Ngoi)
Album: The Most Charming Person ('92 Compilation)
Track: 1

Translated by Jessie Sun

* I am still thinking of your tender love.
When the night is dark, it will appear in my dream.
I am gradually becoming lonely but still cannot find someone to replace.
I still love you, wishing that you will come back.
Who can understand me?
I hide away all my emptiness
and keep sadness, sorrow and love quietly inside till now.
Understand reality is reality, but there could be exceptions.
Who said I already do not know how to love again?

Have you decided not to be with me anymore?
In this case, would your past feelings ever come back?
You seem to think this is nothing,
but do you know that I am all alone?

Sayonara oh sayonara oh.
It is only relationships that last a short while that is considered modern love.
I cannot hold back, and cannot let go.
I continue to love you,
but you still do not care. *

Sayonara oh sayonara oh.
Then why is there still love within my heart?
To me you will always be the same and is my only precious dearest.#

Repeat * # #

Created by Janice Lo
May 16, 1998