Eyes Want to Travel
(Ngaan Jing Seung Lui Hang)
Album: Eyes Want to Travel
Track: 1
Translated by Jessie Sun

You are everywhere.
I am flying around
and I seem to bump into you whereever I go.
Both my eyes are watching you.
What do they see?
They see happiness, they see sorrow.

* Whatever I like I want it right away.
Everything can be acted upon right now.
You cannot see all the glory at once.
I want to follow you whereever you go in this world.

If you want to be happy,
why keep waiting?
You are the voice in the fairy tale.
My ears want to travel too.
To find a little happiness,
to let anything happen,
you are the kite in the sky.
My eyes want to travel.
My eyes want to travel.
My eyes want to travel. *

You are really beautiful.
I am still flying.
I want to fly towards you.
I want to see through you.
What is it about you
that makes me not want to give up?

Repeat * *

Created by Janice Lo
January 2000