Deep Thought
(jaap nim)
Album: "Feel" & "The World of Leon Lai"
Track: 4

Translated by Jessie Sun

* green shirt
plum colour eye shadow
peach colour skin
gold colour memory
honey colour rays
purple colour evironment
yellow colour hair
blue colour moods
colourless embrace
spring colour voices
no news, no sounds
the sky is clear.
Don't want to awake from the dream
covering my eyes
so that I can be with you
non-stop. *

Gone away everything gone away.
But my head is filled with memories that won't go away.
Flown away,
everything has already flown away.
In a bad mood but it won't go away.
Sleeping, playing, jogging, chatting,
still can't distinguish the difference between crying and laughing.
Being happy, being optimestic, being strong,
still in deep thought and can't forget.

Repeat *

It is dark now.
It doesn't matter.
Dreams are always pulled in together.
It has left.
Lights are off
and in my head the song is playing repeatedly.
There is a pile of work left to do.
Deep thoughts last longer than just a minute.
Don't believe in myself, don't believe in my love.
It is difficult to decide which is better when in deep thoughts.

Repeat *

Created by Janice Lo
August, 1998