That's Fine
(Ya Ho)
Album: Why Are You Not My Future?
Track: 1

Translated by Jessie Sun

Deeply loving someone, what else can be done?
I admit that I was wrong.
I am afraid to see your tears fall.
Even if love changes like the world changes each day,
I only want us to be together.
But you don't want me by your side.
You rather someone else.

* That's fine, letting go is fine.
If love isn't within the heart, it is not true love.
Don't let love become a duty or trouble.
That's fine, the earlier it is realized the better.
The more difficult it is to forget, it will be forgotten.
Only if I can let go of you, that's fine.

You silently without a word say good-bye to me.
The person that loves is not tired.
The person that is loved is.
I thought by loving more, it will return to the past.
Unfortunately, it is just me that still loves
and wants to keep our love.
But I don't have the strength to hold on.

Repeat * *

Created by Janice Lo
May 17, 1997