I Did Not Love Mistakenly
(Ngoh Moot Yau Ngoi Choh)
Album: Fire Dance
Track: 10

Translated by Jessie Sun

I have seen you before...
seems like the memories are back,
resembling the rain,
hitting against the window.
Stopping at that moment,
never knew how to explain
what kind of love that is.

* You are in my memories
but cannot be retrieved,
searching within the dream
to find you again.
Along the way, who is it that loves me?
You should not love me.
It is mistaken love, love mistaken.

^ Searching continues,
searching for an ending.
Hoping one day
this love mystery can be solved.

# I know I ..
I know my love
is always there, that is who I am.
I know, you are by my side,
gently watching me,
but is also afraid of me,
being your mistaken love.

If I can see you again,
it will seem like the memories are back.
I will have to say,
please wait and be patient.
And at that moment we love.
But I still do not know how to explain.
And now it is already covered by the darkness of the night.

Repeat * ^ #
Speaking : But I know I did not love mistakenly.

Created by Janice Lo
May 16, 1998