The Heaven in My Eyes
(Ngoh Ngaan Jung Dik Tin Tong)
Album: Longing
Track: 6
Music written by Leon Lai
Translated by Jessie Sun

What kind of place is this?
What would happen here?
Hopefully each day will be spent differently.

* If there isn't a such thing as eternal love,
I really hope to live a even more exciting life,
continuously learning.
Not being afraid of anything that comes along,
the only fear would be having someone forgetting about you.
I rather get injured than to be forgotten.

# In my eyes,
the most beautiful heaven
doesn't have to be all calm and peaceful
and without any challenges.
As long as I don't give up on myself.
Whether I can see the sun
I would still be able to go on.
In my eyes
the most beautiful heaven
is one that allows me to wander around,
and do what i like.
There are many things that I can't imagine would occur.
How can I not be there
to experience this world
to run through it happily.

Repeat * #

Created by Janice Lo
June 1999