Hugging in Time
(Kap Si Yung Po)
Album: Leon Beijing Station
Track: 8
Translated by Jessie Sun

Why is it that breathing is better these days?
Together we can share another bright morning.
After this, who wants to go back to darkness?
You remind me,
I must say it.

* I don't want to catch a cold.
If I get sick, we cannot go for our walks.
I don't want to fall down.
If I do, it will cause both of us pain.
For you I will cherish
all the days we have left to travel together. *

# Wishing we can hug in time.
Let go of all the insecurities.
You make me realize that I still miss you.
(even when asleep, I am missing you)
Wishing we can hug in time.
No more playing games.
(being alone is scary)
Wishing this world would change
into a painting for just you and me. #

How is it that love can be seen?
Even each star can be individually counted.
No matter how strong one is, they can still fall.
Love reminds me
that there is a better place out there somewhere.

Repeat  * # #

Created by Janice Lo
June 2000