I Love Ichi Ban
(Ngoh Ngoi Ichi Ban)
Album: I Love U Ok?
Track: 3

Translated by Jessie Sun

*Never thought by watching you I would find my dream.
Everything has stopped at once.
It does not matter if the sky is already darkened.
It does not matter if I feel tired,
or if this is a punishment

I cannot believe that from far away,
after we once separated,
that we can actually meet up again.
In my heart there are many feelings,
but still continuously loving you.
All of a sudden I think
who's lover you could be now.
If at this moment we quickly disappear,
who is willing to be alone for the rest of their life?

# Oh My Love You're ICHI BAN,
whether or not you go with me far or near.
Actually all my love goes towards you.
You are the only one.
Oh My Love You're ICHI BAN,
making me feel wild.
It seems like we are in our dream world once again.
Goodbye loneliness.

Repeat * # #

Created by Janice Lo
May 16, 1998