Learn From the Children
(heung haai ji hok jaap)
Album: If
Track: 5

Translated by Jessie Sun

You said that the world is too complicated.
Who wants to deal with difficult questions all the time?
I say the world is too empty.
The future seems to be filled with unclear dreams that can't be fulfilled.

* You and I don't want to grow up
and want to return back to childhood days,
seeing how the world is so bad.
How can children be able to understand?

# Learn how to speak words of the truth.
Learn to say what is on your mind.
Learn to remain pure allow yourself to make your own decisions.
Learn how to treasure happiness.
Learn how to enjoy every moment of each day.
Learn to go with the rhythm of life.
Allow your wandering heart to come alive
once again.

Repeat * # #

Created by Janice Lo
August, 1998