(ji yin)
Album: If
Track: 7

Translated by Jessie Sun

When you're asleep, I see how relaxed you look,
even if the four seasons are warmer.
Being together doesn't need much speech.
Our thoughts from the heart are naturally expressed.
It seems like a movie.
It is because of a simple and natural life, this happens.

* People follow the change of the world around and around.
This chasing around will never end.
I want to be close to you,
and I wish there is no ending.
No matter how far or close we are to each other,
it still feels very natural.
One day passes and another day comes.
Let the future begin,
and allow love to lead the way *

Everything that happens
seems like the night stars surrounding the moon
and surrounding you and I as well.
This feels very natural.
Sometimes it feels like the world is moving and don't know where it is going to
But that still doesn't change,
because we are sure and understand our true feelings.

Repeat * *

Created by Janice Lo
August, 1998