I Love You Like This
(ngoh je yeung ngoi nei)
Album: I Love You Like This
Track: 4

Translated by Jessie Sun

Still have to take these eyes and wait
to see when we will be able to take these suspisions and turn them into belief.
Still have to wait for our hands to come together.
Without speaking I kiss you passionately.
Still have to go through how much letting go and releasing
before we can embrace the feeling of security.
Still have to go through how much time spent together
without being together, it lets us learn to be alone.

* Taking the most lonesome heart,
exchanging it for the most tender love.
I am still longing for
the time we will realize this,
even through the land and earth
we may be able to discover this,
or is it that we don't have the confidence to love this way.*

Still have to say how many words for it to be comforting.
The words said seem to be more beautiful than
what my heart feels.
Still have to take how much love from that is buried within the heart.
The feeling seems like it can be kept till next season.

Repeat *

Created by Janice Lo
August, 1998