Beating of the Heart
(sam joi tiu)
Album: I Love You Like This
Track: 6

Translated by Jessie Sun

Your smile does not represent that you want to embrace.
Your embrace does not represent that everything is going fine.
If it is said that dreams are made up of a bubble of air,
well at least I am able to hold on to it.
My eyes do not see your needs.
Your ears do not hear my prayers.
If it is said that the weather is difficult to predict,
where would we find the traces of love?

* How good do I need to treat you?
How much do you need to love me?
What is so important?
Maybe the answer is somewhere out there.
Finally I realize
that hearing your heart beat
is the most important. *

Your tears do not represent my worries.
My warm feelings do not represent your heartbeat.
It is difficult to blame it on the times we kiss
that we have to close our eyes in order to hold on to that feeling.

Repeat *

Created by Janice Lo
August, 1998