Know it In My Heart
(Sam Lui Yau So)
Album: If it's Possible to See You Again ('If I can See You Again')
Track: 7
Translated by Jessie Sun

If I were to close my eyes and estimate
in a while I will be secretly admiring you
and will be happy that within 40 seconds we can see the moon.
Then I worry that the ending will happen after half a day.
A sweet dream is still lacking a little.

In that case I would rather go around another three circles in order for my dream to come true.
There are a few more seconds for me to wonder just how warm your kiss could be.

* Then within the moment of 7-8 seconds my heart will be pounding rapidly.
My arms are holding you.
Don't mess up the prediction.
Don't mess up the prediction.
wa ya ya ya ya ya
Then at the moment when our eyes meet,
it will feel like we are growing further and further apart.
One kiss is worth 3 seconds of happiness, is it too short?
I hope each day, each night, I can love by my heart's estimation.

If there is luck, it is not too for away from me.
But I may not be able to be with you again.
There are only a few steps left to happiness.
Hopefully it will be a very great place of happiness.
Now there are only 66 seconds left.
I would rather go through 3 more rounds in order for my dreams to come true.
There are only 10 seconds remaining for me to wonder how embracing you would feel like.

Repeat * *

Created by Janice Lo
June 1999