I Pray
Ngoh Kei To
Album: Disagreement of Words & Thoughts
Track: 7
Translated by Mun  Ling

Can the voice be forgottten?
Can there be silence and no talk?
Just use your heart to feel love
Drawing near your breath and listen to your mood that is weak.

Seeing you fall asleep
And I still awake
To protect you, look after you
Let the past pass
And hope for the future’s future

* Promises are easy to make.
True love is yet hard to find.
I only want to use whatever that I still have
To deeply say,
I love you.

# I pray that true love
Till forever will never grow old.
I pray that there will be,
There will be one day
You and I will be together
And there will be no more.

Repeat * # #

Created by Janice Lo
June 1999