Last Love
(Jui Hau Dik Luen Ngoi)
Album: Stay For Me
Track: 11

Translated by Jessie Sun

I know you are the one I love the most.
Do not leave.
I am afraid you will not come back tomorrow.

* I know this will be my last love.
Roaming through the world,
We finally found the world that belongs to us.
Even if I have to go through many hardships,
This time
I will not let go of your hand.
Even if I have to sacrifice all that I have.
Please let me love till the end.

# When I embrace you,
It will let you realize
the wounds buried deep inside my heart.
When embracing you,
loneliness no longer exists.
Loving you for eternity.
Please follow me, come with me.
(please let me love you abundantly once again, the last time till the end)

Repeat * # #

Created by Janice Lo
August, 1998