Living in the Present
(in Japanese - Imawo Ikite)
Album: If I Can See You Again (Japanese version)
Track: 18
Translated by Tetze H. and Chichiri-chan

Aiwa kon'nani sobani arunoni
chikakude mienai itumo
Love exists within a short distance,
but it is so close that we always neglect it.
Don'na kotobamo usoni narunara
naniwo shinjireba iino?
No matter what you say
Even if it turns out to be a lie
No matter what you believe, it's alright
# Can we try?
Kimito futari
Can we try?
Imawo ikite
# Can we try?
You and me both
Can we try?
are alive together at this moment
@ Kokoroto kokoroga fureraretara
nanimo iranai
@ When our two hearts can get together,
 I don't want any other.
Motto sunaoni aishi aitai
yokeina puraido wo sutete
I want us to love each other more simplemindedly without any unnecessary pride
Koino kakehiki, son'na gehmu ha
kizutuki tukareru dakesa
This game of aggressive love
just keeps on hurting us
Can we try?
Kimiwo daite
Can we try?
Imawo ikite
Can we try?
Holding you tight
Can we try?
I am alive with you at this moment 
Karadato karadade kanjiaou
Why don't we feel ourselves each other physically without hesitation
Repeat # @ Repeat # @

Created by Janice Lo
Updated January 2000