Lonely People, Lonely Me
(Goo Daan Dik Yan Goo Daan Dik Ngoh)
Album: Summer of Love
Track: 2

Translated by Jessie Sun

People that are alone all by themselves
have the feeling that nothing is good.
As for the distance I have to continue going even if it gives me a feeling of annoyance.
This world is not good.
It makes you and me feel distressed.
After all the sweet dreams end,
there may still be love that exists.

People that are alone all by themselves,
the lost feeling is the best (for the best)
Having them retrieved will just make it worse.
Hoping everything will always be good for you.
In your dreams there is a feeling of excitement.
I seem to be lost and not aware of where to go.

* Certain situations, cannot be understood.
Who will know that, what you cannot get, is for the best?
Certain situations cannot be stopped.
A lot of them, even if we wait our whole lives for,
we will not achieve it, just like this.

^ People that are alone all by themselves.
Waiting for this feeling is for the better.
Also in this world, there are numerous people like you, me, and them.

# After the feeling passes away it is good.
But there will be another annoyance awaiting you.
This is what is expected in life and everyone has to go through.

Repeat * ^ # #

Do not be sad anymore , this world is not good.
There is still a lot of things to happen that we are not aware of yet .
You are willing to give your best and in return is nothing.

Created by Janice Lo
May 17, 1998