(Heung Wong)
Album: Longing
Track: 1
Translated by Jessie Sun

Sometimes I really feel tied down
and I want to escape and wander off.
Sometimes that decision is really difficult to decide,
but when you're asleep and in the dream, answers seem more clearly understood.
But when awakening, everything seems so confusing and unclear.

* I wonder if you are happy being so far away.
Would you remember that we were once on the same path?
I don't know if I enjoy being busy.
Everyday I feel as if I am chasing after something.
But why am I still not satisfied?

# Suddenly I am longing to be free like you without a worry.
Waving my hand again and again while running off on my own,
I really wish to be like you running along by yourself.
Don't have to let me go ahead,
just let me be me.
woo.. ya.. la... woo...
I won't feel bad, I won't feel lonely on this long long path.
It will be like a vacation,
going on my way,
without a single worry.

Repeat * #

Created by Janice Lo
June 1999