Just Love Me for One Day
(Ji Yiu Wai Ngoh Ngoi Yat Tin)
Album: IF
Track: 2

Translated by Jessie Sun

No matter which month, which day,which night,
I am willing to stay here,
to listen to you, speak to you, just for you.
Whatever is good for you, I will do it all.
No matter who created love,
I am still willing to pray for you.
Quietness falls, in order to let the news be heard in the mist of night.

* Never have forgotten
what it is you need.
I have already done it ahead of time
and then have forgotten
what I have given out
and what I get in return and how much it will be.

# If you use my love to get through one day,
I am willing to let time slowly
rest behind to wait for you ten years.
Hoping to let you hear,
waiting for you to make this happen.
In a lifetime, there will be that day.
If you use my feelings to live through one day,
then you will understand how I spend one day which feels like a year.
Hoping you will see
wind, rain, and romantic days,
sharing a bit with you, for you to long for.
What if life does not have a focus?

Waiting, hoping and hoping
which resembles heavy rocks sinking into the deep ocean.
Closing my eyes, covering my ears,
that feeling from the heart is still there.
Names are left outside the door
like the love that is left behind in your future.
The door I locked,
the keys in your hands,
hoping you will open it for me.

Repeat * # #

Created by Janice Lo
July 3, 1997