Men Sometimes Have to be Lonely
(Naam Yan Yiu Ngau Yi Goo Duk)
Album: Why Are You Not My Future?
Track: 3

Translated by Jessie Sun

Do not cry; the love and care I have for you is always the same.
In my heart there is you and always will be only you and nobody else.
If I have words not yet spoken to you,
it is because I do not want to let you feel sorrow for me once again.

* I really care for our future, that is why I am busy night and day.
In my heart there is a dream; my biggest dream is to protect you.
If I have done wrong and make you want to cry,
please let me use my love to make up for it .

# Men sometimes have to be lonely.
It is because we want to sort out all our feelings.
Calmly looking ahead into the future to find the right path to follow.
Let me be lonely sometimes.
Hard working men have a fear of being too fortunate and happy,
because it will make them sink into all the great times and slow down the plans for the future.

Repeat * #

Men sometimes have to be lonely.
It is because we want to put aside all the painful loses from the past.
We are not use to showing our weak side.
Let me be lonely sometimes.
Do not doubt my true love to you.
Seeing me all tired and quiet, do not need to keep asking me.
Please just gently and tenderly embrace me.
Speechless understandings is the most touching and comforting.
In trusting each other, it is the way to take us through the furthest journeys.

Created by Janice Lo
May 16, 1998