No One But Me
(Fei Ngoh Mok Suk)
Album: No One But Me
Track: 1
Translated by Jessie Sun

Your heart is too full.
This will not go well.
It should be empty
so that you can put in our love.
Love is like the restaurant.
You need to use sincerity in order for it to succeed,
or else you can only stand outside in the rain.

* You love too many things at once.
You need to be faithful to one.
You are my love.
I love you.
No one but me.
Your happiness,
I will build.
Your pickiness,
I will let you have your choice.
Your weaknesses,
I will accept.
Your needs,
I will fulfill. *

Two hearts adding and subtracting.
You're afraid of love turning bitter.
All the arguments there were
you happen to lose.
Actually a love nest is like an elevator.
(you can be in charge and say welcome if you are happy)

Repeat *

Good lovers never have to see each other often,
especially in this ever changing world.
If you miss it, it will come around again.
I hold on to eternity in my hands.
In my eyes you can see I will persist.
Surprises will continuously appear one by one.

Created by Janice Lo
October 1999