One Night Love
(yat yeh king ching)
Album: The Most Charming Person
Track: 2

Translated by Jessie Sun

The sky is red,
neon colours shining.
I feel very impatient
waiting for the date I have
with the person I am longing to see.
Everything around tonight seems so attractive.
The moon has a slight curve with mist coming across.

* Feel drunken in the sweetness of this song,
embracing my love,
making this world seem wonderful,
wishing at this moment the time will stop.
This true one night love makes people deep in love.
Who can be calm wishing in this life,
once drunken to never be sober again.
Come here! strong love with no debt to life.
Release your voice and sing aloud,
don't want this night to quiet down.

Repeat *

Please sing this song which resembles a dream
to let me know who it is that loves me,
to let me be with you.

Repeat * *

Created by Janice Lo
August, 1998