Open Minded (Carefree)
(Hoi Fong)
Album: Feel
Track: 5

Translated by Jessie Sun

In my heart there are too many unwilling thoughts that cannot be controlled.
By putting everything aside,
it makes me feel honor.
Day and night, it is the same.
I am thankful for your recognition
to this importance.
You light up my future.
All because of your love,
I feel more alive.
Yesterday there was all this feeling of enclosement,
so I thought this was really my true self.
From now on I will need to change.

* I was never this carefree,
like the flowers along the plain.
The more (open minded) carefree you are,
the more you are able to love.
Actually, I don't know how to be carefree yet.
Then how can I love?
Take the shyness away.
Let me love.

I always had this strange feeling of humbleness and shyness,
afraid to be too open because of reputation.
Only you, with that smile that appeals to me,
forced my heart to unlock.
All my discomfort and nervousness is released.
I can now face all the outer surroundings of the world,
all because of your love.
I feel more alive.
Yesterday there was all the feelings of enclosement.
I thought it was my true self.
From now on I swear : never say never.

Repeat * *

Created by Janice Lo
May 17, 1997