Love Will Never Change
(Ngoi Wing Bat Bin)
Album: Personal Feelings
Track: 10

Translated by Jessie Sun

* When love reaches this stage there are misunderstandings,
there are choices eventually we will have to depart,
to allow you to have all the freedom you want.
Who said that : "those in love will always be in love"
It is already forgotten? already forgiven?
I am afraid to ask.
I believe the day I first saw you
along the streets we met,
fate had already arranged for everything to happen.
I was destined to be in love with you.

# My love will never change.
All my committments will never change either.
I am forever willing to be by your side.
My love will never change,
even if the world continuously changes day by day.
I am forever willing to be by your side
for a lifetime of love.
My heart will never change!
(my heart has not changed)

Repeat * # #

Created by Janice Lo
August, 1998