Remind Me
(Tai Tai Ngoh)
Album: Leon Beijing Station
Track: 15
Translated by Jessie Sun

I rather
forget all the habits,
forget if the sense of breath is strong or light,
forget that white is used to match clothes,
in order to remember that night.

* Remind me
how to hold you in my embrace.
How is it possible to be this adorable/admirable
who makes me
forget that we all have our own futures to face.
Remind me
how not to have any sense of longing.
Why is it people have to be in love?
How can this thought be pushed away
in order to allow me to remember how to love. *

I rather
forget about all the couples,
forget life's day to day activities,

# forget that to survive we need water,
in order to remember this happiness. #

Repeat * #

Created by Janice Lo
July 2001