Undistinguished Romance
(Mo Ming Fan Dik Long Maan)
Album: Leon
Track: 3

Translated by Jessie Sun

I have never experienced such feeling of terror
that seems like a child being punished for a crime.
I have never heard of such words that have made me shed tears.
When you admit that there are a thousand wrongs in this love,
when you ask yourself if this love should continue
and if it seems like a crime.
When you use such a way to look back at me, like you never did before.
At this moment it resembles us as lovers.

* I have never seen your face,
yet it seems like you are right in front of my eyes.
I have never experienced such a sensation.
It is painful, bitter, yet it seems sweet.
When continuously you leave and go away
and never knowing when we will meet again.
Before you slowly walk into the crowds of people,
I am already missing you.
One moment of romance at this stage
resembles a slow action movie.
Even watching it over throughout a lifetime,
it will not be tiring to me.

# A romance before it is gone,
seems like it comes too slowly.
Why is it when breaking up in a dream
at that moment is most beautiful?
Undistinguished romance,
at last it manages to leave nothing.
Can time ever be slowed down?

Repeat * # #

Created by Janice Lo
May 17, 1997