If it's Possible to See You Again
(Yue Gwoh Hoh Yi Joi Gin Nei)
Album: If it's Possible to See You Again ('If I can See You Again')
Track: 4
Translated by Jessie Sun

Following your deep expressive eyes
Being through high and low temperatures
Finally I understand that being apart is like trying to find foot prints in the deep ocean.
Being by the icy mountains,
I am really able to see the real person in front of my eyes.
I notice that the endings are scary and surprising.
Along the path we leave footprints.
It has never been this difficult to walk through.
I experienced the coldest sunset.

* Looking back when without you
How could I have the energy to walk along this unknown path.
Do not look back.
I am afraid bad feelings will be left behind
And afraid tears will keep falling.
But I won't be afraid to smile once again for you.
Looking back when without you,
Only have to watch for this path we were once together
Holding your hand this past wonder.
Along with this last reason
Is enough for me to run out of this place and to love again.

Forgetting the cloud in the sky,
Forgetting to turn on the lights when returning home
Finally made me realize that being apart
Will make the white ceiling turn dark.
Following each minute, each second
With a sudden awakening of day break
I realize the sound of your kiss good bye.
It has never been so appealing
Leaving from this kind of longing
I still want to believe
I have an even better and fulfilling feeling of love.

Repeat *

Created by Janice Lo
June 1999