Beginning of Love
(Korean version of "If I Can See You Again")
Album: If I Can See You Again (Korean Version)
Track: ?
Translated by So-youn

When I saw you first
I didn't know it's love, I thought you were just passing by me.
Warm eyes and good feelings, you opened my heart,
but I didn't have self-confidence to love someone again.

*Hope you are there, my heart can depend on you being there.
A person can smile and feel with me, I hope she is you.
Your heart is still far from me, I know.
I'll wait.
Our love starts from now, please don't forget it.
You're not alone*

If I have a person who only had good memories, I would have thought she was you.
I've thought there is nobody who is so similar to my thought.
Finally I met a love, that people can meet a love once in their whole life.

Repeat *

Created by Janice Lo
July 1999