Sorry, I Love You
(Dui Bat Hei, Ngoh Ngoi Nei)
Album: It's Love, It's Destiny
Track: 1

Translated by Jessie Sun

I really want to use words to keep you with me.
In my heart I wanted to say
that in my whole life I only love you,
but instead the word 'sorry' was exchanged for.
*Today our breaking up seems like it is all my fault.
The pain that exists, I hope it is very little
and hope you will gradually forget.
Each day I will think of you,
standing by the street waiting for you
looking afar following your happiness, your sadness,
going everywhere trying to find you among the crowds of people.
By walking up to you I am afraid to upset you.
Also I am afraid my heart will not be able to rest.
I have made the decision from now on after we have separated,
that in my life, who will be the best in my heart.
In the time to come, it is you.

Repeat *

Created by Janice Lo