Sorry, Who I Love
(Dui Bat Hei Ngoh Ngoi Sui)
Album: If it's Possible to See You Again ('If I can See You Again')
Track: 13
Translated by Jessie Sun

The day is you.
The night is you.
I am lost and cannot fly.
Other people can.
Other people are good.
It is difficult to try but easy to like.
It is able to give up but difficult to forget.
Wandering everywhere
Truly from the heart.

* Everyone loves a happy journey.
In half a lifetime it only happens once.
How happy could that be?
Everyone has an interesting past.
Kissing once,
How can that prove a loyal heart?

# Sorry who I love.
Time will tell.
Who else would I kiss?
It's like spring light loving autumn water.
Sorry who I love.
Making your heart break again and again.
Who do my lips love most?
They seem to only love kissing your tears away.

Forget about me, forget about me
I'm afraid this will bore you.
Actually you are with me all this time,
Just like someone that truly loves another.
It's so secretive yet resembles a game.
This allows you to learn how to face sudden break-ups.
Truly from the heart.

Repeat * # * #

Created by Janice Lo
June 1999