A Story
(in Japanese)
Album: If it's Possible to See You Again ('If I can See You Again')
Track: 18
Translated by ?

My first love was when I was a junior high school student.
He was my classmate.  At first I didn't like him at all. We were quarrelling all the time.
But I was following him with my eyes before I knew it.
"What's he doing?" This idea was always on my mind.
I noticed I had turned to love him without knowing it.
I followed the usual pattern.  On our first date we went to a concert of his favorite musician.
I gave him a ticket for the concert, asking "Why don't you go with me?"
At that time I was trying to suit his taste so hard...music, clothes, books..
I can't remember the concert, because my heart was beating so fast then.
The other day I saw him by chance at the station.  At that time, both of us were with another person.
It's natural that he's grown up.. in height voice, features, and clothes.
But his taste in music hasn't changed.
He told me he was just going to the same musician's concert that we once went to together.

Created by Janice Lo
June 1999