Love Diary
(Luen Ngoi Yat Gei)
Album: Summer of Love
Track: 10

Translated by Jessie Sun

Every story of love
when it begins is always
very happy and relaxing.
But as time passes by,
this kind of feeling will gradually disappear.
Every person only wishes to get away as soon as they can
from this reality
by burying themselves in the darkness of the night
to try and change their image,
waiting for the break of dawn to arrive once again.

*At first it started so easily.
Being in love with you I found meaning.
You said there were many things that had to be said.
Today it ends with only sorrow remaining.
But this love I will always remember.
Everywhere, everyone has their hearts broken *

After leaving a relationship,
you will always think back on it, missing it.
We will not find it tiring or annoying
to relieve all those beautiful memories.
Actually it is not time that cannot release us from the past.
It is ourselves that do not want to forget it,
or we use memories to heal our heartache.
Actually is it us all along that are lying to ourselves,
keeping all our true feelings within?

Repeat *

Created by Janice Lo
May 17, 1998