That's Life

Album: Eyes Want to Travel
Track: 3
Translated by Jessie Sun

Going through a century with the use of machinery,
lighting up the lights everywhere.
Even in the office,
it can be filled with love.
As long as you wait simultaneously,
the day will come, the flower will bloom.
In a distance,
she is there waiting for me to love her.

* Some people will chase after others.
But I would like to get closer.
You will pay attention if the situation has direction. *

# Change an eye and an ear
in order to get closer to new surroundings.
But there has to be love in each day,
and happiness too.
Time and space
lets you slowly acknowledge..
And we'll never gonna say good-bye. #

Everything is happening because of me.
If there is a chance you must take it.
It's like being on a big street
and telling me to watch attentively to everything going by.
As long as you continuously wait,
dreams will come true, the heart will open.
Everything will take its place
and love will come my way.

Repeat * # #

Created by Janice Lo
January 2000