(Tau Ming)
Album: Leon Now
Track: 7
Translated by Jessie Sun

Can't see through the games that lovers play.
Can't see the truth.
That is why it's easy to have suspicions of separation.
One person feels miserable, one person cries.
One person eventually gives up.

# Learning not to take care of oneself.
Learning not to stay in one place.
That is why God has sent you to me,
to clean up my lost thoughts,
and to clean up my lost memories,
and to clean up my past love story. #

@You give to me time and space as a present
and allow me to fix my mistakes and to be happy.
You give to me a beautiful and sweet candy house.
Even in high winds and heavy rain it will not fall apart.@

*You love me willingly.
Happiness is always there.
The sweetness remains
and the bitterness goes away.
Love resembles the pureness of the water
which washes away all the worries.
Only you (we share our mutual understanding).
You love me willingly.
Loneliness will never be here.
There are never words to describe change.
It just comes when it comes.
Love resembles the transparency of the water.
When I see it, I believe it.
Only you (make miracles) bring out the beauty in everything. *

Repeat #

Repeat @

When I love you, I won't ever get lost.
Repeat *

Created by Janice Lo
July 1999