Today's Weather is Very Nice
(Gam Tin Dik Tin Hei Han Ho)
Album: The World of Leon Lai
Track: 1

Translated by Jessie Sun

Today's weather is very nice,
although my mood is kind of tense
and would like to find someone to talk to,
but I don't know what to say.
It seems like a long time since I have been home,
to be with my father and mother.
But I am always too busy to even talk to them.
The names that belong to the phone numbers on my phone
are disappearing one by one.
The friends I can really talk to
are becoming fewer and fewer.

* It is like this in such a hurry, the world turns.
I just want simplicity and calmness.
And what if I am lonely?
I thought I was always alone,
forgetting that you were always by my side.
Now when I finally learned how to love you
it is too late.

All the people that I have loved,
are all doing well now.
Before all that pain
until today, is no longer of importance.
Today's weather is very nice.
I just want to hold you tightly in my arms.
I have decided to let you know
other than you, I don't want anything else.
The past is the past.
I don't want to look for any troubles.
I swear from now on only to treat you the best.

Repeat * *

Created by Janice Lo
May 17, 1997