Words of Love Not Yet Spoken
(Ching Sam Suet Wa Mei Chang Gong)
Album: Perhaps...
Track: 1

Translated by Jessie Sun

Still from afar, chasing my dreams and hopes,
continuously, thinking of you, missing you,
which makes the days seem longer.
Before I never thought the feeling would be mutual.
If you should show me the way, I will know how to let go.

*The past days, we had shared together,
I didn't know how to cherish that time.
Tonight I am all alone,
regret having wasted all the time we once had.

#Where are you at this moment?
I have words not yet spoken.
How can the past be mended
so you will be by my side again?
If love should never come around again,
this world will not have any meaning to me.
Still you are the one that tells me never to give up and continue to be strong,
like the rising of the sun.
(love and affection is even brighter than the sky)
(numerous scenes from afar left to go through together)
Going by the days, proceeding alone (willing to find a better place together)
the feeling of warmth seems like it will never come again.
Everyday that goes by seems like we are separated by a wall.
Thinking back on the past,
my heart gradually races.
If you can feel it too
then my thoughts will have already found a direction.

Repeat * # #

Created by Janice Lo