Words of Love Not Yet Spoken
(Ching Sam Suet Wa Mei Chang Gong)
Album: Disagreement of Words & Thoughts
Track: 2

Translated by Jessie Sun

Far away and alone,
facing the cold, the warmth on my own.
Without you by my side,
who can I share with?
Looking back in the past,
an indistinct dream it was.
Forgive the mistakes I have made.
Forgive me for the pain I had caused you.
* Each time I think about old times,
it is only your sweet and beautiful image.
Until now I realize you are the one I continuously long for in my heart,
#which the memories are deeper than the ocean.
where are you at this moment?
If this world is without you,
then everything is without meaning.
Hidden in my heart is an earnest wish,
nothing can be forgotten or overlooked in life.
I have already learned how to cherish
your love...(won't ask for everlasting love, only if you can be in my heart)
let me return to your side. (finally i understand, you are my only purpose)
After going through such a long time,
slowly I am maturing.
Now I understand the heartache you have been through.
There are a lot of feelings,
I would like to tell you
if we should meet again, I will not let love so easily pass me by.

Repeat * # #

Created by Janice Lo