Leon "The Red Shoes" CD

Sony Music (503250.2)

CD w/ 12 songs + VCD (2 Music Movies "Simple Love" and "Poisoned Love")

Song Title
English Translation
1. 純粹誤會 Just a Misunderstanding
2. 你係我0既 (Cantonese) You Are Mine (Cantonese)
3. 看上她 Fallen for Her
4. 簡愛 (Cantonese) Simple Love (Cantonese)
5. 玩笑 Joking
6. 中毒的愛情 Poisoned Love
7. 不說不愛 Don't Say Don't Love
8. Don't Know What to Say Don't Know What to Say
9. D.I.Y. D.I.Y.
10. 那天前那天後 The Day Before, The Day After
11. 重愛輕友 Favor Love Over Friendship
12. 愛要去那裡? Where Love Wants to Go




Created by Janice Lo
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