"You Are My Friend" CD
Korean version
Sony Music    CPK-2180  (498021 2)

1. 眼睛想旅行
2. 妄想非非
3. That's Life
4. Before the Party Interlude
5. 有空請愛我
6. You Are My Friend
7. You Are My Friend - Piano Music
8. 非我莫屬
9. 我不是誰
10. 客串
11. 我把自己交給你
12. 多久沒有
13. 不會讓你哭
14. 交換心情
15. 想著她
16. Happy 2000 - 2000 (Mix)
17. Your Are My Friend - Korean version

CD w/ 17 songs + VCD ("Eyes Want to Travel" mtv, "That's Life" mtv,
               "No One But Me" mtv, "I Am Not Anybody" mtv, and 'Making of That's Life')

This CD and all other Leon Korean CDs can now be bought online at Music Plaza.
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Created by Janice Lo
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