Leon arrives in LA (2000)

Leon arrived in LA yesterday (Friday) 12/15.  His plane was supposed to arrive at 11:50am, but it arrived 30 minutes early. However, even though his plane arrived early this time compared to when he arrived in LA on 12/20/98, this time we had to wait A LOT longer to see him.  We all stood near the gate leaning on the railing waiting for more than 2 hours for Leon to come out! None of us dared to leave our place to go to the restroom or to get something to eat, cuz we were afraid he would come out at any time...so we just stood there.  Some of the fans were beginning to feel sleepy standing there for so long, but then we finally saw leon come out at around 1:40pm and all their eyes opened widely.

Leon was in a much better mood this time than in '98..he smiled almost the whole time and said hi to us and said bye before he left.... last
time he he wasn't in a good mood.  This time he looks younger and not that tired looking...probably cuz of the clothes he was wearing..and those sunglasses looked SO cool on him..hehe. Last time he looked kinda like he was sick. His face looks skinnier this time.

There seemed to be more fans at the airport this time than last time..i'd say around 20 fans.  Unfortunately leon left much faster this
time... last time he still had to wait like 5-10 minutes outside for the car, but this time he quickly walked up the ramp to the greeting area
and out the building and the car was already there waiting.  Last time he was picked up in a BMW..this time he was picked up in a big white van...I dunno why they didn't get a limo or something a little more classy to pick Leon up. Ah B, Leon's driver in HK, was using a video camera to record what was happening while Leon was walking out of the terminal towards the van..I'm not sure why, but Leon suddenly said in Cantonese, 'okay, stop the filming.' He didn't sound mad or anything..he just wanted ah B to put the video camera down. 

Something funny also happened..immediately after Leon passed by us while he was walking up the ramp to the greeting area, we all left the place where we were standing at the railing...it was kinda like a cattle stampede..hehe.  I heard a guy standing behind us say something like, 'wo, what's going on??!?'..cuz there were many of us and we were sort of chasing after leon..hehe..the guy obviously didn't know Leon was a star.  There were some people that were giggling when they saw all of us following Leon. 

I wasn't able to take a picture this time cuz he left too fast..last time I was able to take a couple pix cuz he walked more slowly. You can see what he was wearing at the airport on the Apple Daily newspaper..they took a pix of Leon in HK before he left for LA:

Well that's all i could remember for now..i might have left out some other facts..if I remember more info, I'll post it.

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Created on December 15, 2000.
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