Leon's Dream Wedding Concert
Las Vegas - December 26, 2009

at the MGM Grand Garden Arena



Here's the rundown for Leon's Las Vegas concert.

Song name Title translation
100樣可能 100 Possibilities
火舞艷陽 Red Hot Fire Dance
一言為定 You Have My Word
從今開始 From Now On
沒名字的歌.無名字的你 Nameless Song, Anonymous You
愛情影畫戲 Movie of Love
是我 It's Me
大城小事 Big City Small Matter
兩個人的煙火 The Fireworks of 2 People
及時擁抱 Hugging in Time
Man Man (Janice Man)
我愛 Ichiban I Love Ichi Ban
愛你/不愛你 Love You / Don't Love You
兩心知 Both Hearts Know
殘酷遊戲 Cruel Games (Janice Vidal)
心亂如麻 Confused (Janice Vidal)
你令愛了不起 Love Is Amazing Because of You
我會像你一樣傻 I Will Be as Foolish as You
但願不只是朋友 Hope We're Not Just Friends
愛你/不愛你 Love You / Don't Love You
我這樣愛你 I Love You Like This

* Leon shook hands w/ the audience.

This was the first time Leon performed in Las Vegas. I'm not sure why it's taken him so long to have his first show in Las Vegas... practically every other HK singer has performed in LV before...some of them more than once. It's been 9 years since Leon last performed in Los Angeles, so some fans on the west coast have not seen Leon's live concert for a very long time!...unless they flew to HK to see his concert. Leon used to come to LA to perform almost every 2 years during the '90s, but then after his 2000 LA concert, he stopped having concert shows on the west coast. Maybe now that he's married to Gaile, he'll have concert shows more often in the US?...so he could swing by SF to visit his in-laws at the same time..hehe.

Leon's LV concert started at about 8:35pm and ended at 10:15pm. Overall, it was a good show, although it was kinda short...I wasn't expecting the show to last as long as Leon's HK concert, but I was hoping that Leon could have at least sung 20 songs. The rundown of the concert (excluding some songs) was almost the same as his HK 'Dream Wedding' concert, including his outfits. I didn't go to his Atlantic City show which was about a week before the LV show, but I heard for the rundown for his AC show, he sang "I Love U Ok," 只要為我愛一天 "Just Love Me for One Day," and 你很愛我 "You Love Me A Lot," but we didn't hear these songs at the LV concert... instead he sang "Two Hearts Know" and shook hands with the audience during 2 parts of the LV concert (he sang "Love You / Don't Love You" twice).

Leon seemed to be in a very good mood during the LV concert...he was waving to the fans a lot!..and plus he decided to have a 2nd handshake part after the fans kept screaming for him to come down to shake hands again. I think he shook more hands during his LV concert this time compared to all of his LA concerts combined, cuz when he performed at the LA venues, it was very difficult for him to come down from the stage to shake hands w/ the audience, since all the fans would surround him and he couldn't move down the row to shake hands with others.

Leon said he heard many people drove to Las Vegas to watch his concert..and asked if people flew there..since it was his first time performing in LV, so he didn't know how most people travelled to LV. He asked if anyone in the audience lived in LV...nobody responded...so he said, "none? ok...there's probably a few who live here." Then he asked, "How many of you flew here?"..and some fans screamed... some flew from HK...and Leon said, "You probably came here not specifically to watch my show, but for vacation"..and the audience laughed...and he said, "You especially flew here just to watch my show....well, it's really too far...and it's not really worth it as much..haha.. but a lot of people do like to come here for vacation during Christmas." Some people screamed that they flew to LV from Beijing and Taiwan... and there were also fans who were from Vancouver, San Francisco, New York, and Japan.

Leon was wearing gloves during part of the LV concert...when he was taking off the gloves, some of the fans screamed loudly....and Leon said, "it's just gloves." ..haha. After he took off the gloves, he said that he had gambled some the day before and won more than a 5-figure amount of money with his left hand...and he won more than a 5-figure amount of money with his right hand, too!...wow!!... then he said he hopes he could transfer some of his 'luck' to others during the handshake part, which happened next. The fans got really excited when Leon said he was going to come down to shake hands.

There were a couple of funny parts during the concert... Leon said, "At the beginning of the show, I saw one audience member on the right side who was wearing sunglasses and then later the person took off the sunglasses.. and then there was one person on the left side who was watching me earlier during the show, and just now I see the person look like this...(Leon closed his eyes and tilted his head..and the audience laughed).. actually if these 2 people had switched..like if the person who had their eyes closed was wearing the sunglasses, then that would have been better." Another funny part was when one of the fans screamed "You're so cool!"...and Leon said (in English), "I'm not cool, I'm hot!" (meaning he feels hot)...hehe.

Janice Man and Janice Vidal (Wai Lan) were guest performers at Leon's concert. Janice Man was lip-syncing her song "Man"...same as what she did at Leon's HK "Dream Wedding" concerts. But Janice Vidal sang both of her songs live. Even my grandma said Janice Vidal's singing was very good, which is a rare thing for my grandma to say, since she mostly says the newer HK singers these days don't know how to sing.

Leon didn't talk too much during the show... he said he didn't know what to talk about...but he said he was very happy that night and said that sometimes it's not necessary to talk so much...and the audience applauded. When Leon finished singing his last song, the audience kept screaming "Encore!" even after all the lights turned on, but Leon didn't come back out for an encore. Most people don't know that it's not Leon's style to have an encore at his concerts. Hopefully Leon will be back in LV or LA again soon... fans here really don't want to wait another 9 years to attend a Leon concert.

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